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All cakes are made using fresh ingredients including butter and organic free-range eggs. For a delicious taste you can choose from:

The cakes are made to order so the size, design, colour and flavour can be to your own requirements. You can choose each tier in a different flavour.

Fairy cakes
You could choose 5 beautiful tiers of exquisitely decorated fairy cakes. These are iced with tangy lemon icing for the vanilla sponge or vanilla icing for the chocolate sponge
The fairy cakes are decorated with handmade sugar roses and leaves, with other little flowers and can have a dusting of edible glitter so they sparkle like jewels for each of your guests. They can be in varying shades of pastel sweet pea colours or more vibrant tones.
£5. 50. each for standard size. £4. 50 for small, Butterflies are extra at £2.50 each
We also make petits fours size fairy cakes for £2 each.

We offer a clear acrylic cake stand which has up to 5 tiers which beautifully displays over 100 fairy cakes if you need more cakes they look fabulous spilling out onto the table
£30 to hire + returnable deposit and postage back to The Utterly Sexy Café. Terms and conditions upon request.

We offer a delivery and set up service to your venue to compile the stand, arrange and display your wedding cake. This is £75 to London for instance. Other areas to be priced. Or your cakes can be boxed and ready for your collection from us. We are situated near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Amanda Baird designs and hand paints beautiful cakes transforming them into truly edible works of art. Her work is featured regularly in magazines ~ Cosmo Bride, Conde Nast Bride Magazine, You and Your Wedding, Wedding Venues and Services, Asian Bride, Viya Magazine and more.


Tiered cakes
A guide to the price and quantity.
Top tier cake for fairy cake display £120
Two tiers of 4 and 6 ins serves 12 £150
Two tiers 6 and 12 ins serves 90   £450
Three tiers6. 9.12 ins serves 135 £595
Four tiers ins serves 18  £720
Five tiers ins serves 220 £950